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DemandOptimizer is web-based software that employs forecasting and optimization algorithms across the core segments of business: supply, demand, pricing, competition, and financials.

A key differentiator between DemandOptimizer and other products is its seamless delivery of a "single truth" - leveraging shared knowledge across functions that have traditionally operated in isolation. Each perspective focuses on urgency and action.

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DemandOptimizer provides dashboards to quickly visualize your business. Data tables include summary aggregations and product-level metrics. Each selected row instantly presents corresponding charts for historical and future context. Filters are applied to see data across dates and custom groupings of items. Drill-up/down simplifies navigating to the precise information you need.

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Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) instantly show how business is doing across all segments. Some of the available KPIs are: Stock Turn, High Stock, Low Stock, Days of Supply, and Margin. Each indicator identifies products in levels of Good, Warn, and Risk - shown in charts as well as groupings that let your business focus on the exact problem areas and necessary actions.

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Opportunity Insight and Quantification

Easily view specific opportunities and potential profits associated with availability, purchase order processing, and sales actions. Quantify how much of the potential demand you are capturing and how much is at risk of being lost to your competitors.

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Supply Forecasting

Charts and data tables show historical activity and future projections based on demand. Detailed, daily product-level (SKU) forecasts identify future supply and demand imbalances and produce actionable recommendations. Businesses easily know when supply will run out or if there is too much. Charts overlay this information on top of previous year values for easy comparison.

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Actionable Recommendations

DemandOptimizer produces recommendations to ensure optimal product supply and demand balance for maximum profitability. Recommendations are presented in clear language so there is no guessing what is required or why. For example, inventory actions can recommend to accelerate a future order or use a more expensive shipping method due to demand opportunity. Sales recommendations can include price changes or limiting sales to low-value channels due to limited supply.

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Order Placement Workflow

Users place purchase orders directly within DemandOptimizer. DemandOptimizer's API facilitates easy integration into any backend system (e.g. an ERP). Recommended values are automatically populated to save time and eliminate errors. User-level permissions control the ability to create and/or approve orders. DemandOptimizer tracks all orders to ensure optimal supply and compliance.

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Demand Forecasting

DemandOptimizer forecasts daily product-level sales trends, effects of supply, and other items that directly affect demand. Charts include both constrained and unconstrained forecasts (i.e. with and without inventory limitations). Past sales are shown with actual prices, and can be overlaid with previous years for comparison.

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Item Management

Unrestricted user groups are supported to dynamically create custom collections of items (SKUs). User groups are valuable for catalog/brand management, promotions monitoring, or executive summarization. Each night all data and charts, including forecasting, are refreshed across these dynamic groups making it easy to see aggregated information on your custom groups.

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API and Data Collection

DemandOptimizer offers an easy to use HTTP API. The API imports your data into DemandOptimizer and also exports our results back to your own systems. This makes it easy to integrate the information produced by DemandOptimizer into your own business intelligence platform, extending the system's value and supporting unlimited analysis.

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